2014 Championship Game – Media Schedule


2014 Championship Game

Schedule of Media Events

CAPS-tv and VC Star

The Ventura County Star will run a feature on our championship game in the August 19, 2014 edition.  The link is: http://www.vcstar.com/sports/youth/youth-results_58203329 .   The Star will have photos that are different from those posted on this website.

CAPS tv (channel 6) has given us next week’s schedule of broadcasts and the Wildcats will be aired six times:

Sunday, August 24th, at 4pm

Monday, August 25th, at 9pm

Wednesday, August 27th, at 5pm

Thursday, August 28th, at 2pm

Friday, August 29th, at 8pm

Saturday, August 30th, at 8am

The game can be viewed anytime for free at http://vimeo.com/103729373



DVDs of the game are available at the CAPS tv studio on Day Road (Ventura) – across from Foothill High School.



The television and newspaper setups are a lot of work but they are vital parts of our primary mission which, surprisingly perhaps is not basketball, but rather to honor every girl who plays Ventura Wildcat basketball.




2014 Championship Final

IMG_6915CAPS-tv brought their studio truck, producers, and equipment. Wildcat volunteers

manned cameras,  graphics, and microphones as the 22nd Annual 2014 Wildcat Classic

brought an exciting conclusion to another outstanding season.


Jaguars win title – after time runs out



All Wildcat guard Tatiana Morales of the Bearcats went to the free throw line for two shots, her team trailing by two, and the clock showing no time left in the game.    For competitors like Morales, it’s the opportunity for which players dream and with a packed gym looking on, the talented Spirit of the Wildcats winner stepped calmly to the line.

Although she could not tie the score and the Jaguars won 29-27, fans were treated to the most competitive championship game in years.

The game was televised by CAPS-tv and a schedule of replays will be announced by the league in a few days. DVDs will be available at the CAPS-tv office (Day Road, Ventura – across for Foothill Tech High School) in two to three weeks.

The teams played evenly through the first 17 minutes before pesky guard Hannah Garcia came up with multiple steals and fast breaks to push the Jaguars into a six point lead, a lead that was obliterated by the league’s leading scorer, Mariah Davis who tied the score at the start of the third quarter.

The Jaguars retaliated with All Wildcat point guard Sydni Sanchez who canned a “trey” from the right wing, then a two-pointer from the right lane despite the Bearcats’ Tyler Behrens hand in her face.

Not to be outdone, Davis launched her own three-pointer then hit two free throws and with a put-back by center Hunter Foley, the Bearcats dared to hold the lead at the end of the third quarter.

And then . . .

It was Ava time.

Ava Sivoraraj hit one free throw, then seconds later scored from the right short-corner. The Jaguars had the lead once and for all.

But, Ava wasn’t finished.

She grabbed a rebound on the right defensive block, rifled an outlet pass to Sanchez, raced to the left offensive block, took an assist  pass from Sanchez and scored at the end of the play she started.

The Jaguars were up by eight which was a good thing because they would not score again and the clock showed nearly three minutes left to play.

The Bearcats sensed opportunity and Morales was instant to the task. The fleet left-hander intercepted a pass and raced to a left-hand layup.  Davis found Foley alone on the weak block for another score.  Morales drove to the basket for two more, then dropped in a free throw after being fouled.

Seconds later, Morales took the ball from a sideline inbounds pass, drove to the basket, and pushed a shot toward the basket.  While the shot was deflected, a two-shot foul was called on Renee Cafarelli and despite the final buzzer ringing through the Ventura Missionary gym, the game was not over. Morales found herself standing alone at the free throw line.

Davis led all scorers with 12 points and had help from her Bearcats teammates Foley with eight and Morales with seven.

Sanchez led the Jaguars while Sivoraraj added six.

The win capped the Jaguars first-ever perfect season.

Davis                                      12
Foley                                        8
Morales                                 7
Fouls:                                   12
Free throws:                 3/10
Sanchez                               11
Sivoraraj                              6
Garcia                                     4
Rodriguez                           4
Duran                                    2
Cafarelli                              2
Fouls:                                    9
Free throws:                   2/6


A few of the 2014 All Wildcat Team players

2014 Wildcat Scoring Champion

Mariah Davis accepting the 2014 Top Scorer award

IMG_6573Sophia Parmisano (Lions) won the Top Cat award as the league’s top

all around player (commitment, performance, leadership, sportsmanship)

Sophia also was named All Wildcat and Spirit of the Wildcats



Lindsey Albrant is honored for her years of service to the

Wildcats and acknowledged for being The Original Wildcat

and the reason the Wildcat League began in 1993. 

IMG_6806Bob Davis (on the right in black) presents Robert “Bobby Wildcat” Albrant (left)

with the rarely-given Wildcat Champion award.



Semi Finals: August 13, 2014



IMG_65682014 Top Cat Winner – Sophia Parmisano (Lions)



Bearcats to play Jaguars in championship final


In a battle of the tall centers, Hunter Foley and Gianna Falcoccia combined for 18 of the game’s 33 points as the Bearcats downed the Panthers 19-14 to advance to the championship game of the 22nd Annual Memorial Courtney Davis Wildcat Tournament on Saturday to play the Jaguars.

In the other semifinal, the Jags used some power of their own as forward Tatiana Rodriguez put up nine points to lead her team into Saturday’s final with a 24-19 win over the Leopards.  The Jaguars rang up a gawdy 19-5 lead by the middle of the third quarter, then misfired on all but one of their remaining shots.  In the meantime, Alexis Brady canned two three-pointers and Emily Guerrero notched a put-back in the key and the Leopards were on their way back.

If not for 3-out-of-4  shooting in the final minutes, the Jaguars might have lost in a stunning upset.

The Bearcats’ semifinal win over the Panthers was 40 minutes of sheer bedlam as neither team could get more than a three point lead until Foley produced the final margin with a score from underneath with just 74 seconds remaining.

There was enough agony for both teams as the Panthers broke away for numerous fast breaks but could not get the ball through the net and the league’s top scorer, Mariah Davis of the Bearcats, was softened by three early fouls.

Saturday’s game will begin at noon. CAPS television will begin setup at 10:30am and will utilize trained camera people from the Wildcats.  Replays of the game will be scheduled on CAPS and DVDs will be available in about two weeks.

Pre-game activities include games for Wildcat players.  Put together your own 3-on-3 teams or just enter some of the other shooting events.  Awards will be given to winners.

Rodriguez                9
Sanchez                    6
Duran                         4
Sivoraraj                  4
Garcia                        1
Fouls:                        9
Free throws:     5/7
Brady                       6
Martinez                3
Connolly                2
Guerrero                2
Varela                      2
Fouls:                       5
Free throws:    1/5
Falcoccia         10
Hewlett               2
Tovar                    2
Fouls:                     7
Free throws:   0/8
Foley                  8
Morales             4
Davis                  3
Paler                    2
Behrens            2
Fouls:               14
Free throws:    2/4 




Summer Games: August 6, 2014



Leopards advance 37-20

Brady and Nguyen combine for 24


When your shot is on, keep on shooting and that’s what  guards Alexis Brady and Claire Nguyen did as they combined for 11 points in the first six minutes and the Leopards advanced to the semi-final round of the 22nd Annual Courtney Davis Memorial Wildcat Tournament with a 37-20 win over the Lions.

The Leopards had their highest offensive production for one quarter by posting 16 points in the first ten minutes.  The Lions responded with their highest single-quarter production by coming up with 14 in the second, a dozen of those coming in just the last 5:40 including back-to-back three-pointers, the first by Sofie Parmisano and the second, a wild 20 footer by Marissa Ybarra as the buzzer sounded to end  the half with the Leopards up 23-16.

It was the second win in as many games for the surging Leopards who now face the league champion Jaguars on Wednesday.

Brady and Nguyen got together for 24 points for the Leopards while Caroline Connolly added seven.

Jailynn Hill led the Lions with six and Shaye Swaney contributed four.

Brady                         14
Nguyen                     10
Connolly                    7
Martinez                   4
Varela                        2
Fouls:                         6
Free throws:      2/8
Hill                            6
Swaney                  4
Parmisano            3
Ybarra                    3
Arce                          2
Villa                         2
Fouls:                      9
Free throws:    2/6


More photos are in the Photo Gallery


Summer Games: August 2, 2014



Jaguars make it eight straight


With a minute gone in the second quarter, the undefeated Jaguars were scoreless and seemingly in jeopardy against the third place Panthers.

But, while their offense sputtered in the early going, there was nothing wrong with the Jags defense as they plugged the drain for 18 minutes and frustrated the Panthers attempts to go inside and the mighty Panthers garnered just one basket during most of the second and third quarters.

Knowing that and knowing the final score favored the Jaguars 28-18, did that 18 minute stretch lead to the Jaguars having the game in-hand?

Not exactly.

Despite the benefits of their defensive heroics, the Jaguars could only manage a 13-10 lead before the Panthers pried open the basket for quick scores from Myesha Lumas and Gianna Falcocchia to end the third quarter tied 14-14.

The Jaguars stifled the Panthers again, holding the blue-and-grey scoreless until just 1:25 remained in the game and, with the Jag guns finally finding their mark, the league leaders put up as many points in the fourth quarter as they had all game to win going away.

Sydni Sanchez led the Jaguars with 10 points and Ava Sivoraraj added six.

Falcocchia had seven for the Panthers while Lumas, Paige Hewlett, and Valerie Tovar each had four.

There were 29 fouls called, the most for 2014 in one game.

Falcocchia             7
Hewlett                    4
Tovar                         4
Lumas                        4
Fouls:                      13
Free throws:     5/17
Sanchez               10
Sivoraraj               6
Cafarelli               4
Garcia                      4
Rodriguez             3
Chasmar                1
Fouls:                   16
Free throws:   2/6


Leopards leap early and coast to 32-19 win

Lions’ Palmisano with four three-pointers

It didn’t take long for Caroline Connolly to show she had come to play as the Leopards forward scored off the opening jump, put up her biggest total of the season (11), and led her motivated Leopards to a 32-21 win over the Lions.

Just 17 minutes into the game, the Leopards held a whopping 16-3 lead before Sophie Palmisano rocketed identical three-pointers from the top of the key to make the halftime score respectable and give the Lions some momentum.

Claire Nguyen and Alexis Brady pushed the Leopards third quarter lead  back to double digits before Parmisano struck again – from the same spot.  It was the fourth three-pointer of the game from Parmisano which stands as the most in one game by any player in the 2014 Summer League.

Shaye Swaney and Alyssa Villa took advantage of full court pressing to lead the Lions to the final five points of the game, but there seemed little doubt from the beginning that the Leopards would prevail.

Parmisano led all league scorers for the weekend with 12 while Shaney added four.

Connolly had 11 and Brady nine for the winners.

The teams meet again on Wednesday in the quarterfinals of the postseason tournament.

Connolly                     11
Brady                             9
Nguyen                          6
Varela                          4
Sherman                      2
Fouls:                            6
Free throws:          3/7


Parmisano                 12
Swaney                         4
Villa                               3
Fouls:                         10
Free throws:      1/4


1Mariah DavisBearcats64
2Gianna FalcocchiaPanthers53
3Sydni SanchezJaguars53
4Ava SivorarajJaguars48
5Tatiana RodriguezJaguars45
6Alexis BradyLeopards42
7Myesha LumasPanthers41
8Tatiana MoralesBearcats37
9Hunter FoleyBearcats36
10Paige HewlittPanthers35
11Claire NguyenLeopards30
12Samantha MartinezLeopards29
13Valerie TovarPanthers28
14Alyssa VillaLions24
15Isabella SwannBearcats24
16Kaitlyn AbarientosPanthers23