Courtney Davis

Courtney Davis Memorial

Wildcat Classic

Summer League Tournament

Courtney Davis

Two-Year Spirit of the Wildcats

Four Year Buena High School Cheerleader

Played 2 Years in the Wildcats on the Bearcats

Daughter of Bob Davis (Wildcat official, coach, Wildcat Champion award winner)


Courtney Davis was a beautiful young lady who played two years in the Ventura Wildcats basketball program. Both years, she was named Spirit of the Wildcats.
A month after her last Wildcat game, Courtney was diagnosed with leukemia and her life was in great jeopardy.
With the prayers and medical support of many people, Courtney attended all four years at Buena High School where she was a cheerleader and an advanced studies student.
After graduation, the only setback that Courtney had was relapsing on May 19, 2006. After 5 years, she was considered cured of her cancer, so that was indeed a huge setback. But thankfully, Courtney was able to live a healthy life from her “last” cancer treatment in 2002 up until May of 2006.
In May of 2006, Courtney was sent back to the UCLA Medical Center for a new treatment plan. She was given a bone marrow transplant in September of 2006. Courtney stayed in the hospital from September 2006 until she took her last breath in November of 2006. As many people who have dealt with cancer know, it was not cancer that took Courtney’s life, it was an infection.
On November 11th she was rushed into emergency surgery in an attempt to drain the infection, but surgery was not successful in removing all of it.
Courtney lived for 3 more days, taking her last breath on November 14th, 2006.
Courtney left all of us with a void that only she could fill because she was such a unique person — a competitor on the court, yet always with fair play and the utmost of dignity. Her charm and gentleness off of the court made her a person of great delight.
Because she blessed all of the Wildcat families in her time and because her father has been so instrumental in the development of the Wildcats, it was only fitting that with our first opportunity (2007) we began honoring her by dedicating our post season tournament to her memory by renaming it the Courtney Davis Memorial Wildcat Classic.
Our inaugural tournament was our first televised event and we were privileged to not only have CAPS-tv produce our championship game, but we were honored to have Mr. Tom West (Time-Warner), the well-known high school play-by-play announcer with us.
Some people ask why we emphasize sportsmanship and use sportsmanship of coaches, fans, etc. as a major part of seeding our tournament. The answer is two simple words: Courtney Davis. She was the ultimate example of excellence in play and sportsmanship and with her name on our tournament, our attitudes and conduct need to honor the legend and example she left with us.
Courtney: We may not always get everything exactly right in honoring you, but we will always work hard and we will never forget how you touched all of us.

Scoring Leaders: June 30, 2015

1 Samantha Martinez Jaguars 38
2 Tatiana Morales Bearcats 38
3 Natalie Bautista Panthers 34
4 Sophia Wilson Leopards 29
5 Renee Cafarelli Jaguars 27
6 Jailynn Hill Jaguars 24
7 Caroline Connoly Leopards 19
8 Isabella Swann Bearcats 18
9 Wysper Krist Bearcats 18
10 Marissa Ybarra Leopards 17
10 Kaitlyn Abarientos Jaguars 17

Summer Games, June 27, 2015


Natalie Bautista with 10, but . . .

Leopards hold off Panthers, 28-27

The Leopards started fast and finished well and escaped with a 28-27 win over the Panthers on Saturday.
Marissa Ybarra didn’t wait for Independence Day to start her fireworks. The speedy guard dropped in five points in 36 seconds to give the Leopards an early lead. The Panthers responded with talented point guard Natalie Bautista who rallied for eight points in the first quarter including two three-point shots and the ball-istic first quarter ended with the Leopards up 11-8.
After trading four baskets, Bautista drove the lane twice for Panther scores and Hope Arce dropped in a three-pointer from the right and the Panthers were up 17-15.
The Panthers held the lead until early in the fourth quarter when Caroline Connolly scored from the right side to give the Leopards the lead for good. Kaitlyn Abarientos brought the Panthers back to within a single point when she scored from the left lane and was fouled with 1:02 remaining. Her missed free throw and the Leopards ability to break the Panther press gave the Leopards an exciting win.
Sophie Wilson had seven to lead the Leopards while Bautista had 12 for the Panthers.


S Wilson 7
C Connolly 6
Marissa Ybarra 5
O Zoll 4
C Marienthal 4
J Schermer 2
Shooting: . . . . . 12/55 . . . . . 22%
Free throws: . . . 3/7 . . . . . . .43%



N Bautista 12
J Lopez 6
K Abarientos 4
H Arce 3
G Ortiz 2
J Magana 2
Shooting: . . . . . 12/44 . . . . 27%
Free throws: . . . 0/4 . . . . . . 0%


Wire-to-wire . . .

Jaguars pounce, 30-13

With a smothering defense and two unstoppable power forwards, the Jaguars handled the Bearcats 30-13 to preserve their hold on first place.
Jailyn Hill and Samantha Martinez combined for 20 points and Kaitlyn Abarientos jammed the passing lanes and the Jaguars held the ‘Cats to 15% shooting for the game.
However, not all of the game was as rosey in the land of green Jags. Isabella Swann fomented a mini uprising with a shot at the end of the first quarter and Wysper Krist kept it going in the second with two shots at the left block. When Tatiana Morales hit from the left lane, the Jaguars’ 10 point lead had dropped to just four.
A timeout by the Jaguars squelched the Bearcats’ audacity and the Jags cruised to an 11 point halftime lead and were not threatened in the second half.
Hill had 11 and Martinez nine for the Jaguars. Kryst and Morales each had four for the Bearcats.


J Hill 11
S Martinez 9
K Abarientos 4
M Delgado 4
C Sofield 2

Shooting: . . . . . . 13/50 . . . . . 26%
Free throws: . . . . 2/9 . . . . . . . 22%



W Krist 4
T Morales 4
S Parmisano 3
I Swann 2

Shooting: . . . . . 6/41. . . . 15%
Free throws: . . . 0/3 . . . . . 0%


Photos in the Photo Gallery


Game Results: June 20, 2015



Pull away at the end . . .

Jaguars spring to 29-21 win


In a game that ran for more than thirty-seven minutes without a lead bigger than five points, the Jaguars used a full-court press to pull away at the end and emerge with a 29-21 win over the Leopards.

It wasn’t as if the press gave the Jaguars a burst of offense because there was not a single basket scored in the final two minutes. However, it led to several free throws by both teams and with the Leopards shooting just 8% from the line, the Jaguars prevailed.

Caroline Connolly led the Leopards with seven points, more than half of those coming in just four seconds near the start of the game. Marissa Ybarra put up six points, the last of which brought Leopards to a 21-20 deficit, the closest the Leopards got in the second half.

The Jaguars had 10 points from Renee Cafarelli and nine from Kaitlyn Abarientos.


C Connolly 7
Marissa Ybarra 6
S Wilson 4
C Marienthal 2
O Zoll 2
Shooting: . . . . . 10/52. . . . . 20%
Free throws: . . . 1/12 . . . . . .8%


R Cafarelli 10
K Abarientos 9
C Scofield 4
S Martinez 4
M Delgado 2

Shooting: . . . . . 13/41 . . . . . 29%
Free throws: . . . 3/10 . . . . . . 30%


Don’t forget Thursday night is 3-on-3 games for fun.  Bring your friends! 
Play against other teams.  From 6:30-8pm at Ventura Missionary.



Tatiana: Tops in league with 16 points . . .

Bearcats take firm hold of second place, 29-14

Sophie Parmisano need 28 seconds to put her Bearcats on the board and into a permanent lead in her team’s 29-14 win over the Panthers.

Tatiana Morales led all League players in scoring with 16 and it was her three-pointer late in the first half that gave the Bearcats some breathing room in what had been a close game. Not only did Morales drop in that three but she had 12 of her team’s 14 points in the five minutes before halftime and the five minutes after.

Neither team shot above 16% but a swarm of turnovers by the Panthers led to more shots by the Bearcats, both from the field and at the line.


T Morales 16
V Tovar 4
F Stockton 3
S Parmisano 2
I Swann 2
W Krist 2
Shooting: . . . . . . 10/63 . . . . . 16%
Free throws: . . . . 2/7 . . . . . . . 29%


A Plascencia 4
N Bautista 3
H Arce 2
A Media 2
J Lopez 2
G Ortiz 1
Shooting: . . . . . 8/55 . . . . . 15%
Free throws: . . . 2/5 . . . . . . 40%




IMG_9307IMG_9006IMG_9321IMG_9019More photos in the Photo Gallery


Game Schedule 2015

Date Day Start Tm1 v Tm 2
6/6 Sat 10:30am Leopards v Panthers
6/6 Sat 11:30am Bearcats v Jaguars
6/13 Sat 10:30am Bearcats v Leopards
6/13 Sat 11:30am Jaguars v Panthers(wear whites)
6/20 Sat 10:30am Jaguars v Leopards
6/20 Sat 11:30am Bearcats v Panthers
6/27 Sat 10:30am Bearcats v Jaguars
6/27 Sat 11:30am Leopards v Panthers
7/11 Sat 10:30am Jaguars v Panthers(wear whites)
7/11 Sat 11:30am Bearcats v Leopards
7/18 Sat 10:30am Bearcats v Panthers
7/18 Sat 11:30am Jaguars v Leopards
7/25 Sat 10:30am tbd v tbd
7/25 Sat 11:30am tbd v tbd
8/1 Sat 10:30am tbd v tbd
8/1 Sat 11:30am tbd v tbd
Semifinals    Players – bring a change of clothes to all games from here to the end.
   With a change of clothes, you can turn in your uniform in exchange for your trophy.
8/8 Sat 10:30am Seed 2 v Seed 3
8/8 Sat 11:30am Seed 1 v Seed 4
8/15 Sat 10:30am Awards & setup for planned TV event    
8/15 Sat 12:30pm   Championship Game