Game Schedule 2015

Date Day Start Tm1 v Tm 2
6/6 Sat 10:30am Leopards v Panthers
6/6 Sat 11:30am Bearcats v Jaguars
6/13 Sat 10:30am Bearcats v Leopards
6/13 Sat 11:30am Jaguars v Panthers

(wear whites)

6/20 Sat 10:30am Jaguars v Leopards
6/20 Sat 11:30am Bearcats v Panthers
6/27 Sat 10:30am Bearcats v Jaguars
6/27 Sat 11:30am Leopards v Panthers
7/11 Sat 10:30am Jaguars v Panthers

(wear whites)

7/11 Sat 11:30am Bearcats v Leopards
7/18 Sat 10:30am Bearcats v Panthers
7/18 Sat 11:30am Jaguars v Leopards
7/25 Sat 10:30am tbd v tbd
7/25 Sat 11:30am tbd v tbd
8/1 Sat 10:30am tbd v tbd
8/1 Sat 11:30am tbd v tbd
Semifinals    Players – bring a change of clothes to all games from here to the end.
   With a change of clothes, you can turn in your uniform in exchange for your trophy.
8/8 Sat 10:30am Seed 2 v Seed 3
8/8 Sat 11:30am Seed 1 v Seed 4
8/15 Sat 10:30am Awards & setup for planned TV event    
8/15 Sat 12:30pm   Championship Game  


Clinic 2015!

IMG_7204Katie Campbell

Katie was our special guest instructor and speaker to open the 23rd annual Ventura Wildcat Clinic at Anacapa Middle School, May 11, 2015.  Katie is a junior at Oaks Christian High School and led her team to the Open Division CIF playoffs.  She has more than 60 recruiting letters from colleges across the country and she was named to the 2015 All American team for Christian high schools. She is the 2015 Player of the Year in Ventura County, a two-time All State (Cal-Hi) player, and a three-time All Wildcat player and scoring champion.

The 2015 Wildcat Clinic entertained dozens of pre-high school players in a four-day skills program that focuses on shooting, ball-handling, defensive drills, passing, and five-on-five scrimmages.  The clinic was led by Wildcat board members and coaches and, for the 23rd consecutive year, players from Buena High School.

Legendary Buena High School coach Joe Vaughn (retired) spoke on Wednesday and encouraged players to set their sights on success by having a dream, setting goals, practicing, being motivated from within, and believing they can achieve.

Coach Joe also provided cutting and screening drills for players to get open.

The clinic will conclude on Thursday, May 14th, after which coaches will assemble to draft players onto teams. Results of the draft will be posted on this website later in the night.

More photos can be found in the Photo Gallery





IMG_7144IMG_7078IMG_7216 IMG_7209

Free Clinic!

Free Basketball Clinic For Girls – Open to the public!


Ventura Wildcats will hold it’s 23rd annual clinic for girls in the 4th-7th grades.


Monday through ThursdayIMG_7301

May 11th to May 14th

5pm to 6:30pm

Anacapa Middle School,

(Mills Road, across from Pacific View Mall – Ventura)


The clinic is considered essential for all players signed up for our 23rd annual Wildcat Summer League.



 Katie Campbell, star of Oaks Christian High School and a D-1 prospect is a legendary former Wildcat player. She is attempting to arrange her schedule to be with us at the clinic in May.

Just bring a water bottle and some friends and be ready for some skill drills, scrimmaging, and a lot of fun!  This clinic is free for all players regardless of experience! To assist preparations, it would be helpful (but not necessary) for you to email the number of players in your group who will be attending.  Email:   venturawildcats1@
See you there!


Sign Up for Summer League

Sign Up For Summer Wildcats

All 5th – 7th Grade Girls – current school year

(upper level 4th graders okay)

Just print and mail to Ventura Wildcats

7155 Ridgecrest Ct., Ventura, CA 93003

Questions?   805 207-3567

or email venturawildcats1@

IMG_5971Open to the public for all skill levels, CIF certified officials, televised championship game, competitive quality unifomrs, guaranteed playing time, individualized awards for all players, great facilities, championship tournament for all teams, experienced and qualified coaches.


Please place an “x” next to each event in which you are interested

_____Wildcat Summer League (current school year 6th-8th graders; upper level 4th graders ok)

$112 for the summer – includes clinic:  May 11th-14th,    at Anacapa Middle School

Checks made out to Ventura Wildcats

_____Free Wildcat Clinic for current 5th-7th graders

(essential for all Wildcat summer league players)

_____Personal Training

_____Higher-level competitive teams

_____ Coach (see Coaches tab)

_____Other (please describe) _____________________________________

If you have completed a similar Wildcat form in the previous 24 months and you haven’t moved, then please just complete those areas marked with an asterisk [*].


* Player’s name _________________________________________________


* Best email address ______________________________________________

* Best phone numbers: ____________________________________________

* Players height___________

Birthdate _____________________ Year in school __________________

Years of basketball experience:______ Years of competitive/club experience: ______

* Please describe the health status of your player:


* With my signature below, I attest that I am the legal parent or legal guardian for this player. I understand that basketball is a game that involves the risk of injury and I hold Ventura Wildcat Basketball Inc., it’s officers, coaches, volunteers, sponsors, and associates harmless from any and all injury or damage resulting from my player’s participation in this program. I give my permission both for qualified medical help and emergency transportation if needed in the judgment of league officials. I understand that league officials and associates are not qualified medical professionals and that my signature is a waiver of potential rights. I give my release for my player to play in any televised games, and photos taken by the League may be published on the League website. I understand my player will be registered with AAU at no additional cost to me.


X Parent or guardian signature ___________________________________


* Please print your name: _______________________________________


* Date: ___________________

Mail or email your registration and check to:

Ventura Wildcats, 7155 Ridgecrest Ct.,

Ventura, CA 93003


Phone:  805 207-3567


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