2014 Wildcat Scorers

1Mariah DavisBearcats64
2Gianna FalcocchiaPanthers46
3Sydni SanchezJaguars43
4Ava SivorajJaguars42
5Tatiana RodriguezJaguars42
6Myesha LumasPanthers37
7Tatiana MoralesBearcats37
8Hunter FoleyBearcats36
9Alexis BradyLeopards33
10Paige HewlittPanthers31
11Samantha MartinezLeopards29
12Valerie TovarPanthers24
13Claire NguyenLeopards24
14Isabella SwannBearcats24
15Kaitlyn AbarientosPanthers23
16Alyssa VillaLions21

2014 Wildcat Tournament


22nd Annual Courtney Davis Memorial Wildcat Classic

Wednesday, August 6th

Lions vs Leopards  -  5:30pm


Wednesday, August 13th

Jaguars vs winner of August 6th game  -  5:30pm

Bearcats vs Panthers   -  6:30pm


Saturday, Augusst 16th

Winners of August 13th games  -  noon



Each player needs to bring a change of clothing to all of these games so that we can exchange your award for your uniform.

Every player will receive at least two awards, but only if uniforms are handed in.

Wildcat Summer League: July 26, 2014



Bearcats lock up second place, 28-23

Talented left-handed guard Mariah Davis erupted for eight points in the third quarter to expand a modest lead as her Bearcats defeated the Panthers 28-23 to assure second place in the 2014 Wildcat Summer League standings.

Although the victorious ‘Cats never trailed, their second half lead was a mere three points until Davis caught fire.

With the Bearcats up 28-17 and just six minutes to go, the Panthers were looking for an offensive spark. After a timeout to change their attack, the Panthers went down low to Gianna Falcoccia and the move produced a 6-0 run and forced the Bearcats into two timeouts. Although the ‘Cats time outs didn’t stop the Panthers inside scoring, the clock did as time ran out.

Davis led all scorers for the weekend with 12 while Hunter Foley scored in every quarter to finish with eight for the Bearcats.

Falcoccia had 10 for the Panthers and Myesha Lumas six.

The teams posted identical 0-for-7 shooting at the free throw line.

Falcoccia       10
Lumas              6
Hewlett          4
Tovar             3
Fouls:           14
Free throws:  0/7
Davis          12
Foley            8
Morales       4
Swann           2
Behrens        2
Fouls:          12
Free throws:   0/7

Jaguars finish on top

The Jaguars led all of the way in defeating the Lions by 12 points and lock up the 2014 Wildcat Summer League regular season championship and the number one seed for the 22nd Annual Courtney Davis Wildcat Classic tournament.

Despite a sleepy start by the Lions and a 10-0 lead by the Jaguars, the Lions found some rhythm and with just 2:03 remaining in the game, the score was a mere 14-6 advantage for the Jags. Although the Lions valiant full court press and  late-game energy fell short, they managed to hold the Jaguars to their lowest point total of the season.

Jaguar players will be awarded championship tee shirts and a bye in the first round of the tournament.

Renee Cafarelli led the Jaguars with six points while Clarissa Duran and Tatiana Rodriguez had four each.

Alyssa Villa led the Lions with four points.

Cafarelli         6
Duran               4
Rodriguez     4
Chasmar        2
Sanchez          2
Fouls:              9
Free throws:     0/3
Villa                 4
Ybarra          2
Fouls:            5
Free throws:    2/6












Wildcat Summer League: July 23, 2014



Thanks to Anna Cafarelli for being our photographer this summer


                              W  L      pf     pa
1 Jaguars               6  0      26.8  16.3
2 Bearcats              5  2      25.0   21.4
3 Panthers              4  2      23.8   14.8
4 Leopards              1  6
5 Lions                    0  6


Jaguars struggle 21-13

Hannah Garcia scored two baskets on the left side to give her Jaguars a burst at the start of the second half and a 21-13 win over the Leopards. The win assures the Jaguars of at least the Summer League co-championship.

Until Garcia’s scores, the Jaguars were stuck in a defensive mire and led just 11-8 at the half as the Leopards used the opportunistic defense and scoring from Samantha Martinez and Claire Nguyen.

The Jaguars were led in scoring by Garcia, Makenna Chasmar, and Ava Sivoraj, each with six points.

Martinez had six and Nguyen four for the Leopards.

Martinez       6
Nguyen          4
Brady            3
Fouls:            5
Free throws:  0/4
Chasmar      6
Sivoraj         6
Garcia         6
Sanchez     4
Fouls:           8
Free throws:   0/2

Bearcats wire-to-wire 27-15

The Bearcats made their mark early, springing to a 10-2 first quarter lead on their way to posting a 27-15 win over the Lions.

Despite their first quarter advantage, scoring started slowly for both teams and the Bearcats led just 4-2 after eight minutes. Then, the teams sprang for 10 points in the final two minutes of the quarter as Hunter Foley, Wysper Krist, and Mariah Davis scored six for the ‘Cats and Sea’Ana Egizi  had four the Lions.

The Bearcats stretched their lead to 13 points before Alyssa Villa dropped in a three from the right side Hope Arce scored from the wing.

The Bearcats remain in second place in current standings but cannot win the Summer League regular season because of two losses to the Jaguars.

The ‘Cats set a season free throw percentage record by hitting on seven of 11 free throws.

Foley and Davis led the Jaguars with eight points and Krist added six.

Egizi led the Lions with six and Villa five..

Foley                 8
Davis                 8
Krist                6
Morales          5
Fouls:             8
Free throws:   7/11
Egizi             6
Villa              5
Arce             2
Swaney        2
Fouls:        12
Free throws:   0/4







Wildcat Summer League: July 19, 2014

IMG_5100More photos in the Photo Gallery

Bearcats survive late Leopards rally to win 28-20

13 players score . . .

 With Tatiana Morales leading the way, the Bearcats methodically build a 20-8 lead in the first three quarters then held on for a 28-20 win over the Leopards.

Morales continued her extraordinary pressure on the ball and turned steals into points and free throws and, along with Mariah Davis,  led the Bearcats in scoring with six points.

The Leopards, who had scored just one basket in the previous 19 minutes, suddenly came to life with back-to-back scores by Claire Nguyen and Caroline Connolly to score more points in the fourth quarter than the first three combined.

The teams combined to have 13 players score; a season high.

Behind Morales and Davis, the Bearcats had four points each from Faith Stockton (a third grader), Isabella Swann, and Wysper Krist.

The Leopards were led by Nguyen with six while Connolly and Alexis Brady had four each.

Davis           6
Morales     6
Stockton   4
Swann        4
Krist            4
Terrazas  2
Foley         2
Free throws:  0/4
Fouls:     11
Nguyen      6
Connolly    4
Brady           4
Guerrero    2
Gunther     2
Martinez   2
Free throws:   0/6
Fouls:    7

Panthers pull away in second half


Front line scores 17

The Lions have been getting stronger. Unfortunately, they haven’t gotten much taller and the Panthers combined the superior front-line height of Myesha Lumas and Gianna Falcocchia for 17 points and a 32-14 win.

It took the Panthers until the middle of the third quarter to distance themselves from the upstart Lions, but once they had momentum, the blade of decision was quick to pierce any shadow of doubt as the Panthers went 9-0 in three minutes.

The first quarter belonged to the Lions as Jailynn Hill, Alyssa Villa, Marissa Ybarra, and Shaye Swaney got on the scoreboard to put the Lions in the lead. By halftime, the Lions were within a one possession and with more scoring from Hill and Sophie Parmisano, the Lions were within a single point midway through the third.

The Panthers called for a timeout and then went inside to impose their advantage near the basket. The move paid off as the Panthers quickly built a five-point lead and the Lions called timeout to adjust their defense, but that move didn’t go as well because the Panthers continued to power their way to a safe lead.

The Panthers were whistled for five fouls; the Lions 15. The Panthers were 6/15 from the free throw line; the Lions 0/2.

Falcocchia had nine points and Lumas eight for the Panthers.  Hill led the Lions with six.


Falcocchia     9
Lumas            8
Hewlett        5
Tovar             4
Abarientos   4
Plascencia   2
Fouls:        5
Free throws:   615


Hill                  6
Ybarra          2
Villa                2
Parmisano  2
Swaney         2
Fouls:          15
Free Throws:   0/2